Proxy Voting Policy

The Board of Trustees has delegated authority for making voting decisions with respect to the portfolio securities of the Hennessy Stance ESG ETF (the “Fund”) to Stance Capital, LLC (“Stance Capital”), subject to the Board’s continuing oversight.
The proxy voting policies and procedures of Stance Capital provide that Stance Capital will vote all proxies received for portfolio securities held by the Fund in a manner that serves the Fund’s best interests. To assist in its responsibility for voting proxies and the overall voting process, Stance Capital has engaged an independent third party proxy voting specialist, Egan-Jones Proxy Services (“Egan-Jones”). The services provided by Egan-Jones include in-depth research, global issuer analysis, and voting recommendations as well as vote execution, reporting, and recordkeeping. The decision by Stance Capital to retain the services of Egan-Jones is based principally on the view that the services that Egan-Jones provides generally will result in proxy voting decisions that serve the best economic interests of the Fund, as well as limiting conflicts of interest between Stance Capital and the Fund. Stance Capital follows the Egan-Jones guidelines that focus on enhanced environmental, social, and governance practices.

Updated December 2022